Sunday 19 January 2020

Todays Car Boot Sale Haul - Laptops and Shuttle PC

This morning (after not going for a few weeks) I woke up early and had an urge to visit my local (all year round) Car Boot Sale and I'm so pleased I did as I came back with this lot:

After haggling I got each laptop for £1.80 and the shuttle for £10 - there's no power supplies with any of the laptops and no hard disk drive in the Shuttle.

Initial tests of the Shuttle (now that I've added a hard disk drive and installed Windows XP Pro on it) show that it seems to be in good working order, although there looked like several decades of dust inside it before I took it outside and air dusted it!   I've already swapped out the optical drive as this one didnt like to boot an OS install disc from it - all I need now is to find a suitable floppy disk drive for it.

Now all I need to do is to dig out the 16V IBM ThinkPad power supplies I got the other month so I can start testing the laptops...

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