How To... Install Windows 98SE

Windows 98SE Step-by-Step Installation Guide

As always, I'm doing this on period computers so the images are not screenshots from an emulator but actual photographs on the computer I performed the task on so they wont be a clear as screenshots from an emulator, but they are genuinely authentic!

There are several different ways to install Windows 98SE (Second Edition), the method I shall be using is the professional way I used to do it when this was the current operating system...

Installing Windows 98SE on a new (or at least new to you) unpartioned Hard Disk Drive

  • Insert the Windows 98 Second Edition Boot Disk in to the floppy disk drive
  • When prompted, press the down arrow key and choose option 2 Start Computer with CD-ROM Support
  • At the command prompt, type fdisk and press Enter
  • When asked if you want to enable large disk support press Y and then Enter
  • Use the Arrow Keys to highlight option 1 (Create DOS Partition or Logical DOS Drive) and then press Enter
  • Select option 1 (Create Primary DOS Partition) and press Enter
  • Wait...
  • Press ESC to exit fdisk
  • You have now created a partition on the Hard Disk Drive, you will need to reboot the computer before you can format it ready for use...
  • Restart your computer
  • Leave the Windows 98SE Boot Disk in your floppy disk drive
  • As before, choose option 2 Start Computer with CD-ROM Support
  • When the OS has finished loading and you are at the command prompt, insert the Windows 98SE CD-ROM
  • Select the CD-ROM drive by typing d: and then press Enter
  • Type cd win98 and press Enter
  • To format your recently created C: drive partition type format c:
  • Wait...
  • When the format is complete, enter a drive label (such as Windows) or leave it blank, then press Enter
Normally at this point you would run the installation from the CD-ROM which is fine if you are a home user and just have the one computer but if you are an enterprise system admin with hundreds of computers in various buildings then it can be inconvenient to have to run around the place with a Windows 98SE CD-ROM every time it's needed so what you do is copy the install files (AKA .cab files) to the Hard Disk Drive - most commonly in to a directory called Winstall (Windows Install)...

Type the following commands and press Enter after each one, check out the photo above if unsure:
  • c:
  • md Winstall
  • cd Winstall
  • d:
  • copy *.* c:
  • Once the files have finished copying across type setup and press Enter
  • When prompted, press Enter to run some routing checks on your system
  • Using your mouse, click Continue
  • Select Directory - leave as C:\Windows and click on Next
  • Setup Options:  select Typical if you're installing Windows 98SE on a Desktop computer or Portable if on a Laptop
  • Click Next
  • Click Next to install the most common components
  • Enter a Name for your Computer and click on Next
  • Select your Location and then click on Next
  • Time to create a Startup Disk...
  • Click Next
  • Insert a blank Floppy Disk and then click on OK
  • When complete click OK and remove the Floppy Disk
  • Click Next to start copying files
  • Wait...
  • When prompted enter your Name and Company
  • Accept the Agreement and then click on Next to continue
  • Enter your Windows Product Key and then click on Next
  • Click on Finish
The installation will now setup your hardware...
  • If prompted by the PCMCIA Wizard, answer the question and click Next (twice) and then click on Finish
  • Choose your Time Zone and then click on Apply and then OK

The installation of your hardware will now finalise and your computer will then Restart

  • Wait for Windows 98SE to load and then enter a User Name
Some more hardware drivers may now finish installing - this is just a one-time thing so please wait if this is what now happens...


Now all you need to do is install your computers Drivers and then you'll be all set up!

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