How To... Use DCPromo to Create A Domain using Server 2003 Standard

To create a new Domain in a Microsoft Server 2003 environment you need to run the DCPromo program, there are several ways to do this.  You can click on Start and then Run and run it that way or you can enter it at the command prompt, in this How To... Guide will be doing it via the Command prompt...

 Click on Next to begin the Installation Wizard
 Click Next to continue...
 Select Domain controller for a new domain and click on Next
 Select Domain in a new forest and then click on Next
 Enter a name for your Domain - something.something and then click on Next
The NetBIOS name will automatically be populated with the first part of the full DNS name you entered previously, leave this as it is and click on Next
As the Wizard suggests, you can change the location of the Active Directory Database and its Logs if you want to but in this example I will leave them where they are and click on Next to continue...
Again, the Wizard is allowing you to change the location of the SYSVOL folder but (for future fault-finding of any problems) it's best left where it is so click on Next to continue
In this example I have not pre-configured DNS beforehand so I have chosen for the Wizard to do its magic and do it all for me - click Next for the magic to begin...
As this is the only server on my network I have chosen the Permissions to be compatible with 2000 and 2003 - click Next to continue
Enter a password to be used to should you need the Directory Services Restore Mode - IMPORTANT: make sure you make a note of this password and put it in a safe place and then click on Next to continue
Check the review of the settings so far and then click on Next
 If prompted, insert your Server 2003 installation disk and click on OK
 If you've not set a Static IP Address on your server you will be prompted to do so now
If you have already set a Static IP skip to the next step, else set a Static IP now and then click on OK to continue...
Click on Finish
 Click on Restart Now to complete the installation

That's it!  You can now log on to your newly created Domain!

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