Tuesday 31 March 2020

Compaq Presario 1060 - Retro Laptop Unpacking/Unboxing!

I won another different looking Compaq laptop on eBay the other day and only just had a change to unwrap/unbox/unpack it - to me it looks more like a Toshiba than a Compaq, again it looks like they were still experimenting with their look as most of the future Compaq laptops didnt look anything like this model.

Compaq Presario 1400 - Retro Laptop Unpacking/Unboxing!

Finally got around to unboxing this little beauty today!  It doesn't look like any other Compaq laptop I have ever seen (nor own), it looks a bit 'Apple Maccy' (if that's such a word) a bit like they were experimenting on what their new laptops were going to look like going forward, I don't remember see anything like this before from Compaq so I guess it didn't catch on!

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Microsoft Golf - The Number 1 Golf Game For Windows

Won this big box Windows 95 on eBay the other day and it's just turned up!  Apparently not only is/was this the #1 Golf Game For Windows but you should also Adjust Your Grip On Reality!

I keep procrastinating, but I really must dig out a couple of Retro laptops so I can start trying all these games I have accumulated out!  I think I'm going to have to invest in some sort of capturing device that I can hook up to a VGA output of a laptop and capture on my Windows 10 laptop so I can edit it and create a video... #watchthisspace

Friday 20 March 2020

Iomega Clik! 40 PC Card Drive (PCMCIA) 40MB Disk System

I've been wanting one of these for a while now but they've always far too expensive, until now that is!  I was the only bidder on this item on eBay so it got it for a song :)

As you can see it came with 5 40MB disks (2 are in the case with the PCMCIA card).  They're all labelled up from 1 through to 5 so not sure if there is some software on these disks that needs to be installed in this order or if it was simply a numbering system where they kept notes on what was on each disk so they didnt have to keep re-writing the labels and ruining the disks.

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Targus Stowaway Portable Keyboard for Compaq iPAQ

I've got a couple of Compaq and HP iPAQ's (one even has a charger) but until now I've not had a keyboard for any of them.

Once you unfold the keyboard, you have to slide the two sides inwards so you can then use it.  It has a built-in dock that you connect and rest your iPAQ on to so you can type using this full-size keyboard on a very tiny screen!

The battery doesn't work in this iPAQ so I can't try this great little keyboard out and I can't seem to find a replacement battery on eBay right now but I've only been searching using the iPAQ model number so what I need to do now is either find a service manual and get the part number or (the more interesting way) take it apart to see if there is a part number on the battery itself...


I've just gotten around to finding out the part number of the battery and you'll never guess which method I chose!

There are 4 tiny torx screws holding the back on the Compaq 3660 iPAQ and then all you need to do is take an appropriate spudger and carefully prise the back off.

Now I have a part number I'm off to do some hunting, unfortunately most of the new compatible batteries for these old iPAQ's used to come from China via eBay but with all that's currently going on with the Corona 19 Virus I'm not sure if anyone will be posting any from there at the momen.

Sunday 15 March 2020

Todays CeX Bargains - Tiger Woods, Starsky & Hutch, Theme Hospital and Friends

With all that's going on right now with regards to the Corona 19 virus that may soon turn in to a pandemic, I got up extra early and headed off to Bedford CeX with the voucher that I got from selling my Microsoft XBox One X and purchased a very nice gaming headset as I don't think it will be long before the C19 virus starts to affect our daily lives and I predict I'm going to have a fair but of spare time on my hands soon unfortunately.

Oh, and I also purchased these retro PC games while I was there:

Starsky & Hutch and Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf were both 50p each and Theme Hospital and the Friends game were £1.50 each so not too bad a price.

I really must spin up a Windows 98 and/or Windows XP gaming computer to try all these out...

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