Sunday 6 February 2022

£3 Dell Latitude D620 Laptop Testing

I picked this up a while ago but only just gotten around to test it to see if it has any signs of life.

It's a bit grubby but what do you expect for £3?  Initially the seller wanted £5 for the laptop but after I pointed out the 2 missing keys I got a couple of quid knocked off.

Now lets see if it has a Hard Disk Drive and some RAM...

As luck would have it, there's a 60GB SATA Hard Disk Drive in the laptop but no RAM, at least no RAM installed in the socket on the bottom of the laptop/motherboard but there should also be a slot for a SO-DIMM under the keyboard so hopefully there is some RAM installed there else when I try and power her up it wont work!

Before I try and power her up, I've just noticed that the bezel that covers the hinges and top of the keyboard is not seated correctly, so I wonder if someone has tried to fix the keyboard or something and not put it back on properly?

On removing the bezel, all seemed fine but I did notice that there is a connector not connected to anything!  As you can see from the photo on the right there is a space for something for the connector to connect to but there is nothing there - if you know what it's for then please let me know in the comments below.

Now to connect up my universal power adapter and see if she turns on...

We have life!

A free Disc!!

Okay, so it doesn't have the original Operating System on it (Windows XP Professional) but it does has Linux on it showing that it does indeed work.

All I need to do now is see if I have a spare keyboard in my laptop keyboards box and get Windows XP installed on it...

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