Monday 24 February 2020

Retro Shuttle Desktop Computer Pentium IV 4

I picked this up at a car boot sale the other week, it didnt come with a floppy disk drive and the beige optical drive that came with it didnt work properly but today I finally found not only a black floppy disk drive, but a working optical drive to match!

I've installed Windows XP 32b on it and it works like a dream!  There is one thing missing though, as this was a gaming rig 'back in the day' when LAN partys were all the rage, a bag is required to help you carry it around to your mates house without it getting damaged.

As this is around 20 years old it's going to be a job to find one... except by complete luck/chance someone listed a genuine Shuttle Bag on eBay this week and it has just arrived!

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