Thursday 16 April 2020

Testing My iPAQ Collection - H6330 Stowaway Keyboard and Nexicam Digital Camera Addon

My iPAQ collection isnt massive (that's what she said) but it does have a couple of interesing items in it; namely a Targus Stoway keyboard and a Nexicam Digital Camera addon and in this video I will not only test them but show you how to install them - assuming they all work that is!...  It was a bit of a faff at times as I don't have a working battery on the iPAQs that I have as they are very expensive to get hold of and with zero power, when you disconnect the power you lose everything on the iPAQ and have to keep starting again from scratch...

I've sped up the installation sequences so if you have a go at installing the software shown in this video yourselves it will take a bit longer than shown!

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