Thursday 5 September 2019

Toshiba Satellite 220CS

Today I was gifted a great little work-horse of a laptop, namely a Toshiba Satellite 220CS with an Intel Pentium 133MHz CPU, 16MB of RAM and 1.4GB Hard Disk Drive!

The reason it looks like a chunky old laptop is that is exactly what it is - but also, it is sitting on a Port Replicator which came with it:

What it didn't come with though, was any power supplies so neither the laptop or the port replicator can be tested... or can they?  Of course they can as I have an 'of the time' Universal Power Adaptor that has the required 15V connector so, will it power on?

Of course it does!  The only error is that the rechargeable CMOS battery is flat which is no surprise as it hasn't been powered on for a number of years.

F1 to continue... what OS will be on it?

Windows 98ME (Millenium Edition) - the Windows Vista of the 90's!!


  1. The floppy drive interface for the internal bay 3.5" drive, is it USB based, or is it a legacy FDC controller?

    1. I've not taken this laptop apart to have a look as it's in perfect working order - you'd have better luck finding a service manual for it.


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