Sunday 15 March 2020

Todays CeX Bargains - Tiger Woods, Starsky & Hutch, Theme Hospital and Friends

With all that's going on right now with regards to the Corona 19 virus that may soon turn in to a pandemic, I got up extra early and headed off to Bedford CeX with the voucher that I got from selling my Microsoft XBox One X and purchased a very nice gaming headset as I don't think it will be long before the C19 virus starts to affect our daily lives and I predict I'm going to have a fair but of spare time on my hands soon unfortunately.

Oh, and I also purchased these retro PC games while I was there:

Starsky & Hutch and Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf were both 50p each and Theme Hospital and the Friends game were £1.50 each so not too bad a price.

I really must spin up a Windows 98 and/or Windows XP gaming computer to try all these out...

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