Tuesday 15 January 2019

Compaq Armada 1700 PII 233 256MB 10GB

I received this in the post today:

It seems to be password protected as I get this when I power it on:

Turns out I must be a natural hacker as the first 'password' I tried no only let me in but it was also the local Administrator password when Windows 2000 finished loading!

Oh and the bonus was a 'free' Madonna CD that was left in the drive, it didn't play the first time I tried.  The laptop is covered in dirt and dust so I ejected the CD-ROM and gently cleaned the lens with a cotton bud, tried again and it worked like a dream!

It has a 162 error, but as we all know that just means I need to replace the CMOS/RTC battery like I've done before so I'll try and get that done at the weekend :)

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