Saturday 5 January 2019

Floppy Disks, Doom and Some Compact Flash Cards

Today's haul is a good one as I've received a couple of Brand New (Old Stock) factory sealed boxes of Floppy Disks:

What do I need all those (very) old Compact Flash cards for, they're in MB and not GB?!

For use with this of course! 

Compact Flash cards are basically IDE so you don't need a fancy adapter with a microchip in it doing some jiggery-pokery, it's simply connects the appropriate pin on the adapter to the correct output on the IDE connector so they are ideal for use on Retro/Vintage laptops.

As 486 laptops tended to have hard disk drives of just a few MegaBytes (MB) then I've had to snap up as many low capacity Compact Flash cards as I could - all from my current favourite place, CeX where (including postage) I didn't pay more than £2.50 per card.

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