Sunday 20 January 2019

Currently Cataloging, Grading and Photographing Laptops

I've not been collecting for long but I already have amassed quite a few laptops so I've decided to get my finger out and catalogue, grade and photograph them in their current state.

If you take a quick look in the right-hand column of this blog you will see three new sections:
  1. My Laptops - Grade A (OS Loads all HW OK)
  2. My Laptops - Grade B (OS Loads But Some HW Faulty)
  3. My Laptops - Grade C (Faulty/Damaged and OS Wont Load - SPARES and REPAIRS)
If you click on any of the links/pages you will see the specification of the laptop in question, what (if anything) is wrong with it and some photographs of its current condition.

Once I have finished documenting all my laptops I can then start to get as many as possible re-graded to the Grade A category by servicing and repairing any faults and getting a relevant OS installed on them.

SNIPE-IT - Open Source Asset Management System

I'm using the Snipe-IT asset management system to catalogue my collection as it's Open Source, quick to install (if you use the automated script) and very easy to use!

You can add stock photos of a laptop so when you add a new asset that is already in the system there will be a photograph already associated with it, if you want you can even add a specific photo to each asset so you can see exactly what it looks like (including any damage/issues etc).

It's a Linux based system (of which I am no expert on) but I have installed CentOS 7 before so I have used that on a Windows 10 Hyper-V Virtual Machine and it works like a dream!

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